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Orthodontics is the branch that corrects any childhood oral habits, malaligned teeth.

It helps by:

  • straightening of the teeth
  • correction of jaw discrepancies
  • correcting the malocclusion
  • rendering a better smile
  • provide a boost to confidence due to an increased facial value.

Metal Braces:

Metal brackets are mostly made of stainless steel and is the most commonly used bracket system. They come in different shapes.They can be used with colourful elastics to adhere them with the arch wires.


Ceramic Braces :

These work the same way as metal/traditional braces but the brackets are made of clear, transparent ceramic material. These are less visible to others , which makes it a popular choice among teenage/ adult population.


Self-ligating braces:

 Self-ligating technology removes the need for ligatures, the elastic bands that were used to hold the wire in your braces.  This innovation has major advantages.  The SL braces design can help your teeth move faster, make your braces easier to clean, and eliminate the hassle of stained elastics.  SL braces are translucent, so they are less visible than metal braces.  And they are the coolest looking braces you will find anywhere.   Without ligatures to stain or hold food particles, ther’re easier to keep clean.  And, when the time comes to take off your SL braces, all that will remain is your dazzling new smiles


Clear aligners:

  These are custom made plastic set of alighers, which are designed to shift teeth to a proper position.About twice a month , patient will shift to a new set of aligners, repeating this until teeth are in proper position.These aligner trays are transparent and thus less noticeable , giving it an aesthetic advantage.

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