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There is a radical difference between orthodontics and orthopedics that is not always well understood by professionals and patients.

In conventional orthodontic treatment, the teeth are moved towards new positions whereas orthopedic treatment aims to alter the pattern of facial growth, modeling its tomographic expression.

Orthodopedic treatments are used in children and adolescents, and combined treatments are also often performed.


                 Orthopedics of the jaw


Corrects function t reestablish the form.

Corrects the form to reestablish the function.

It is based on biological concepts.

It is based on physical concepts.

It uses biological forces that determine neuromuscular reflexes on the teeth.

It employs mechanical forces that determine displacement of the teeth.

It causes tooth movement by tissue transformation stimuli by means of functional adaptation.

It causes tooth movement by the mechanical stimulation of bone appostion and resorption.

It employs removable appliances that act on the teeth, lips, tongue, gums, palate, floor of the mouth, and TMJ, modifying the mastication, swallowing, respiration and phonation functions of the masticatory apparatus.

It uses fixed appliances that act on the teeth in particular, individually modifying their position in occlusion.

Its biomechanical action centers on the cinematics, static postion and dynamics of the masticatory apparatus.

Its biomechanical action centers on the static position of the teeth.

It plays function before esthetics.

It places esthetics before function.








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